Get out and VOTE for ERNESTO GLORIA!!!

I am dedicated to making sure that everyone who comes to the court
has an equal voice and opportunity for justice. Far too many people have
told me that they feel like their voice has been marginalized. If I am
elected I promise to give every case the scrutiny it deserves.

am dedicated to serving the community. I plan to bring the highly
successful Young Jurors school program from Fort Worth to the people of
precinct 2. I am the first JP candidate or elected official to approach the court in Fort Worth about adopting their program.

I am dedicated to honoring the diversity of our community. We will make
June 26th, the day same-sex marriage became legal in the United States,
a day of celebration with free weddings for anyone who would like to
join us.

There is one more week of early voting and I need your help. Get out and vote today and bring a friend with you. And if you have anytime to give before the election please message me or one of the other amazing democrats on the ballot.

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